Sound is a major part of the cinema experience.
Originally, the movie´s sound was provided by speakers on the screen and later by individual speakers hung from the window of each car, which was attached by a wire. These systems were superseded by the more economical and easier to maintain a method of broadcasting the soundtrack at a low output power on FM transmitters to be picked up by a car radio. But these transmitters were not designed for drive-ins segment and didn´t offer the experience that today´s discerning movie-goer expects. This method requires car running the whole time (and drain car battery) or movie-goers need to bring a boombox, so they don´t have to rely upon their car stereo.
But a miracle in Sound has occurred:
In-car Wireless speaker.

The experience of in-car speakers is back!

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10 years of experience in drive-in theater audio systems.
Model: WiDi-2000
Model: WiDi-2017
Model: WiDi-7000
Deliveries available from January 2021

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Review the features point by point.

Turn off

Moviegoers now shut off their cars and use In-car wireless speakers, never again drain their car´s battery.

Retro Sound

Moviegoers will enjoy film sound with an individual speaker as in the beginning of the drive-ins but now wireless and with amazing sound.


For its quality and audio power, the wireless speaker will provide an incredible sound experience both inside and outside the car.

Plug & Play

Super simple setup! Plug & Play. No hassle set up!

Amazing Range

Just plug your selected audio source intro the transmitter and you´ll be able to broadcast on any IN-CAR SPEAKER within 1500 feet (5 football fields).

Rechargeable battery

Wireless speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery, only need 2 hours by USB cable or by a charger, guarantees about 6 hours ‘continuous play (depend on the volume of sound).

Personal volume control

Each movie goer is provided a high-quality stereo speaker, allowing them to adjust their own volume to their liking.

Small and ultra-light design

With only 5 ounces of weight and an ergonomic design that allows being handled with total comfort.

Belt Clip for easy wearing

Wireless Speaker has a clip that allows easy support both inside and outside the car.

Zero interference

The system operates in the UHF band.

Modular Speaker

The modular design that separates the receiver and the speaker allows the system to have a longer cycle life by allowing the speaker to be easily replaced.

3RF Channels

3 Channels per transmitter (Up to 3 screens drive-in theater per location). LED lights (Green, Red, and Blue).



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Frequently Asked Questions

How many channels does WiPhonic offer?

WiPhonic offers 3 Channels per transmitter (Up to 3 screens drive-in theater per location.)

Will WiPhonic work with any audio source?

Yes, WiPhonic can work with any audio source, its transmitter does not require any software, is plug & play, has an RCA audio input that connects directly or through an adapter to your audio source with a cable included with the system.

How far does WiPhonic go?

WiPhonic transmitter will be able to broadcast on any IN-CAR SPEAKER within 1500 feet (5 football fields).

Does WiPhonic complies with FCC rules?

Yes, WiPhonic complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules (Equipment Class: Part 15 Low Power Communication Device Transmitter).

Do WiPhonic system speaker have Volume control?

Each movie goer is provides a wireless stereo speaker, allowing them to adjust their own volume to their liking.

What is the warranty period on WiPhonic?

For your peace of mind WiPhonic is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated. If a manufacturing defect is found, we will be happy to repair or replace your product, including all delivery charges.



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